Mosquito assay

The mosquito assay was run using second instar Aedes aegypti larvae dispensed into MES buffer and treated with serial dilutions of the test compounds or mixtures in Me2SO stock solutions. After 72 h, the treatments containing all dead larvae were recorded. The concentration of test chemical causing 50% lethality was determined using RS/1 (BNB Software Products Corp.) and reported as the pLC50. Typical assay variance is 0.3 pLC50 units.

Mosquito assay (8k)

Data for the mixtures are reported as relative potencies. Mixture dilutions were made based upon an average molecular mass and not on the molecular mass of the individual components. Inactive mixtures were given a rating of 1, mixtures having weak activity ( pLC50 %lt; 4.4) were given a rating of 2, mixtures between 4.4 and 4.9 were given a 3 rating and the most active mixtures (> 4.9) were given a rating of 4.

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