ECHET96 Article 109

Michael A. Walters (Michael.A.Walters@Dartmouth.EDU)
15 Jul 96 10:39:25 EDT

In your excellent poster on a combinatorial approach to drug discovery via
resin-based parallel synthesis, you make the following statement:

"While 288 variants (6 x 4 x 12) were targeted in principle for synthesis, a
concurrent refinement process
was implemented to select relatively optimal components for subsequent analogue
synthesis/evaluation. This process of using a "virtual" compound library
discards inferior
components to avoid the unnecessary synthesis and bioassay of weakly active

How do you decide which compounds to discard from the virtual library? What is
the nature of the "concurrent refinement process"? It seems to me that any
paradigm for compound exclusion would naturally lead to a biased library.

Michael A. Walters
Dartmouth College
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