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Rzepa, Henry (
Sun, 23 Jun 1996 22:01:47 +0100

Welcome to the ECHET96 e-mail discussion forum

This will be open from June 24 to July 22 1996.
Everyone is welcome to send messages relating to the conference!

This is by way of a "housekeeping message", so please
excuse detail you may already have seen.

1. You will need a World-Wide Web browser to read the papers
and posters. Netscape 2.02N (or 3) is recommended, but Microsoft Internet
Explorer is also fine. If you are using a Macintosh, you might
wish to reset the application memory up to as much as your
computer will take (ie as much as 7 Mbytes or more).
Some features in the conference might not work in older

2. The European site is on the
following World Wide Web location:

The North American mirror
was on

Whilst Atlantic Bandwidth is better than it used to be, access
across the "pond" can still be slow at times.
Remember, you can improve matters slightly be turning
off the automatic in-lining of images. In Netscape, you
can expand such images one at a time as and when needed.
Also, in the Options/Network/Cache panel, you can set
"check documents" to Never to help reduce access times.

2. Send comments to the forum by posting to

Remember to include the paper number in the subject
header. Whatever you do, don't forget to include
a reasonably descriptive self-contained subject!
If you are replying to an earlier posting, do NOT
change the subject. This is because we have a program
called Hypermail which organises "discussion threads"
according to subject. If you want your reply associated
with the earlier posting, don't change the subject header!
Please also remember that your e-mail comments
will be included on the CD-ROM proceedings of the
conference, although this should not deter you
from the relatively informal nature we expect for this forum.
Have a look at last years conference to get an idea of the style

We expect that the ECTOC forum will be used to discuss chemistry,
but comments on the organisation and effectiveness of the
conference itself are also welcome.

3. We also have some discussion forums, which use a slightly
different style. Let us know which you think is more

4. Remember, you can also contact the authors directly if you
want to have a "private" conversation. All papers have a key
contact in the list of authors, and everyone who has joined the
discussion forum has their e-mail address listed in the registration

5. If you have colleagues who want to post to the list,
they will need to register first by sending a message to with the 1-line message

subscribe echet96 your name

If you decide that ECHET96 is not for you, you can stop
the incoming messages by sending;
unsubscribe echet96
Use the same e-mail account as the one you registered with!

6. Please do not feel you need to read EVERY comment
sent. It can be stressful if you think you must read
all the messages that might come in
Remember, if you do delete a message unread, you can
always catch up on it by browsing through the following
This archive is fully indexed, and you can search
through it by keyword.

7. ECHET96 introduces some "new technologies" to help
organic chemistry specifically. Quite a number of papers
have hyperlinks to pdb files of molecular coordinates.
To view these molecules, it is best if you acquire a "plug-in"
called Chemscape Chime. Details are given on the following

If you are using Netscape as an e-mail program, you can
include your own pdb files, and these too will be
"rotatable" once they arrive.

8. You may notice the conference photograph, a montage of
various snapshots we have been sent;

9. Finally, as implied above, we hope a CD-ROM of the
conference proceedings will be produced, as it was for
the ECTOC conference last year. If you want to order
the ECTOC CD, do it via this link

We expect to make "free reprints" available to authors of articles
and posters, as again they were last year. By the way, 66
articles from the ECTOC conference have now been abstracted
by CAS! It certainly made its mark.

Thanks for wading through a very long message, and I hope
you all enjoy and benefit from the next four weeks of

Best wishes,

Henry Rzepa. Department of Chemistry, Imperial College.

Dr Henry Rzepa, Dept. Chemistry, Imperial College, LONDON SW7 2AY;; Tel (44) 171 594 5774; Fax: (44) 171 594 5804.
URL: (Eudora Pro 3.0)

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