Release Notes for the ECHET96/DINO HyperWave Demonstration

This demonstration invokes a collection of Java applets called DINO to provide a locally interactive index search and display of the Keynote document collection associated with the ECHET96 conference. It relies on your having a Java-enabled browser, such as Netscape V3 or greater. If your browser does not support Java, it will simply fail to do anything, without giving a message. One useful way to check is to locate the Java console (under Options in Netscape) and to open it. This is a useful check to see if anything is happening or what errors occur.

Differences in portability

DINO has been tested by us on several platforms running Netscape 3.01 (SGI, Windows 95 and MacOS 7.5.5). Please appreciate that this is still VERY new technology, and there still remain some limitations and instabilities in the interaction with e.g. Netscape which might cause errors to occur in the browser. One problem we are aware of concerns "classpaths" and their declaration. We do recommend that you check with the Late Notes for this product for any recommendations on this or other problems were not available to us when this CD-ROM went to press (24/2/97).

There are slight differences between different machines and local configurations (primarily Netscape) where we have found variations over which we don't have control and which might disconcert you:

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