Last Updated: September 2016 2015

Present Group Members


Gajan Santhakumar


Gajan graduated from the University of York, which included a year at F. Hoffmann La Roche AG, under the supervision of Dr. Rosa Maria Rodriguez Sarmiento. Upon the completion of his undergraduate degree he conducted his PhD guided by Prof. Richard Payne at the University of Sydney. His thesis focussed on the total synthesis of non-ribosomal peptide natural products. This was followed by a postdoctoral position within Prof. Mark Rizzacasa’s group at the University of Melbourne, working towards the total synthesis of myxobacterial metabolites. In 2017 he returned to London, joining the Braddock group as an EPSRC supported PDRA.

PhD Students

Karim Bahou


Karim did his undergraduate degree at University College London in Natural Sciences (MSci) and worked in Steve Caddick's group on the development of new methods for hydroacylation of C=C and N=N double bonds. Karim joined the Braddock group on a joint Imperial-CSIRO PhD studentship in October 2013 researching halogenated natural products as anti-malarial leads. Karim is a keen supporter of London Wasps rugby club and enjoys cycling and watching live music.

Ben Rowley


Ben starts his PhD in October 2013 as a Pharmacat supported studentship.

Quintin Lo


Quintin Lo starts his PhD in October 2015 as a Pharmacat supported studentship. Quintin completed his undergraduate degree at Imperial College. He carried out his final year project under the supervision of George Britovsek on the development of new catalysts for the oligomerisation of ethylene. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling and reading.

Yusrah Al-Gharebawi


Yusrah starts her PhD in October 2016 (DTG funding).

Albert Shi


Albert joins the group to start his PhD as funded by CSC.

Daniel O'Reilly


Dan rejoined the group in October 2017 to start his PhD (DTG funding).

MRes Students

Ziyao Lu


Ziyao joins the group on the Chemical Biology MRes course.

MSci Students

Michael Cheung


Michael joins the group to look at some halogenated natural product derivatives.

Brendan Zhu


Brendan joins the group to look at some olefin metathesis chemistry.

BSc Students

Panayiota Kelis


Pani will join the group for her final year BSc project.

Masih Nilforoushan


Mashi will join the group for his final year BSc project.