Last Updated: September 2016 2015

Present Group Members


Karim Bahou


Karim rejoins the group as a PDRA.

PhD Students

Quintin Lo


Quintin Lo starts his PhD in October 2015 as a Pharmacat supported studentship. Quintin completed his undergraduate degree at Imperial College. He carried out his final year project under the supervision of George Britovsek on the development of new catalysts for the oligomerisation of ethylene. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling and reading.

  • "Mechanistic Studies on the Copper-Catalyzed N‐Arylation of Alkylamines Promoted by Organic Soluble Ionic Bases" - DOI
  • "Mechanistic and Performance Studies on the Ligand-Promoted Ullmann Amination Reaction" - DOI
  • Yusrah Al-Gharebawi


    Yusrah starts her PhD in October 2016 (DTG funding).

    Albert Shi


    Albert joins the group to start his PhD as funded by CSC.

    Daniel O'Reilly


    Dan rejoined the group in October 2017 to start his PhD (DTG funding).

    MRes Students

    Shijia Zhu


    Shijia joins the group on the Green MRes course.

    Lu Yu


    Lu joins the group on the Green MRes course.

    Inyoung Cho


    Inyoung joins the group on the Catalysis MRes course.

    Tianyou He


    Tianyou joins the group on the Chemical Biology MRes course.

    Jeremy Xue


    Jeremy joins the group on the Drug Discovery MRes course.

    MSci Students

    Felix de Courcy-Ireland


    Felix will join the group in October to look at some halogenated natural product derivatives. His previous experience includes a summer research placement in the lab of Dr Andrew Ashley, working on the activation of dinitrogen using Frustrated Lewis Pair (FLP) chemistry. When not in the lab, Felix enjoys: exercising, drinking in the pub with Josh Davies and reading the second edition of Clayden’s Organic Chemistry.

    Josh Davies


    Josh will join the group in October to look at some olefin metathesis chemistry.

    BSc Students

    Linnan Hu


    Linnan will join the group for his final year BSc project.

    Milly O'Sullivan


    Milly will join the group for her final year BSc project.