The SN2 Reaction

An animated illustraton of the reaction between methoxide anion and iodomethane. This animation can currently only be viewed with the XMol program on a Unix workstation. To activate the animation click on the image and select "animate" from the "Extras" drop down menu in Xmol.

Out of Plane Carbonyl Vibration for Cyclobutanone

The example shows a portion of the fluorescence excitation spectrum of jet-cooled cyclclobutanone (J. Zhang, W.-Y. Chiang and J. Laane, J. Chem. Phys., 1994, 100 3455). The labelled series of peaks correspond to a vibrational progression of the v=26 mode, which is an out-of-plan wag of the carbonyl group. If you have XMol configured, clicking on, or near, the labels will activate Xmol. Clicking on the "animate" menu entry from the "Extras" drop-down menu in Xmol will start the animation.

B. J. Whitaker, University of Leeds, 1994.